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Year 1: TURTLE CLASS 2020-21

Year 1 turtle team:  Kimberley Saunders, Teacher; Diane Howe, Teaching assistant; serena kemp, higher level teaching assistant

Hello everyone!
Welcome to our class webpage.  Throughout the year I will be uploading photographs of our learning, activities and useful websites and games that you might enjoy at home.
As a reminder, if you need to contact me, my email address is
Here is a link to our Autumn term class letter.
Useful websites:
 Here is a link to the Phonics Play website for practising your letter sounds.  Some activities require a paid subscription but many are free.
   Currently, reading books are only being changed on a Monday.  There are free to access books available by clicking on the images.                                                            
    Cosmic Yoga is great for helping us to relax and practise our mindfulness!  Here is a link to their YouTube channel.
  I know you have been enjoying watching Newsround since joining Turtle Class so I have linked it on the BBC iPlayer here.
  Here is a link for you to watch Number Blocks at home.  We will be watching in class to help to consolidate our maths learning.
  Some of you have asked how to watch the Books Alive stories at home so I have linked their YouTube channel here!


Below are the letter sounds for Phase 2 and 3, the Year 1 Common Exception Words and examples of how to write in cursive letter formation.



Week beginning 15th September 2020:
Last week we read The Colour Monster.  I have linked the story below if you would like to hear it again at home!  Some of you drew some amazing colour monsters and wrote about them - why not have a go at home?
If you need some help with your drawing I have linked a template here and there is a writing activity here if you would like a challenge!
This week we have been learning about our class animal - the turtle!  Can you tell an adult at home any of the things that we learnt about them?
One of the types of turtle that we learnt about was the Hawksbill turtle.  In the video below Andy from Cbeebies finds out even more about them!
Week beginning 21st September 2020:
For the next 2 weeks we are joining in with the other classes in school to read "Here We Are" by Oliver Jeffers!
I have linked a some slides of the story here in case you would like to read it at home:
We have been using Google Earth to locate our school and to see what the Earth looks like from space!
Why not have a go at using it at home?  You could look for our school, your house or explore somewhere in a different country!  I am going to try and find Disneyworld!
While we are reading the book, we will be thinking about the Earth and the animals that live on it.
Can you remember any of the turtle facts that we learnt about last week?  Turtles are an endangered animal - why don't you find out more about another endangered animal this week?  You could even draw and write about it in class like we did for our turtle challenge!  You could choose one of the endangered animals that the classes at Baring are named after or one of your own.  I'd love to see photographs of your work!
Week beginning 28th September 2020:
Hello Turtles!
In literacy this week we will be continuing to read "Here We Are" by Oliver Jeffers (you can see the Powerpoint slides of the book we have been looking at here.
While reading, we will be thinking about our bodies and remembering the different parts of our body and the things that we can do to keep healthy.  This is especially important at the moment - we will be drawing posters to remind us to wash our could try and make your own at home!
We will also be thinking about the idea that even though we are all people we are all different and special.  What makes you special?  Do you have different interests to your friends or siblings?  
In maths we will be beginning to think about the ways in which we use maths everyday and the things that make us all mathematicians.
We will also be learning how to play the "How many are hiding?" game and thinking about how we can represent this on paper as a number sentence.  You can find out how to play the game here.
In phonics we will be continuing to practise our Phase 3 digraphs - this week we will be looking at ai, oa, igh and oo.
Thursday 1st October 2020
To celebrate National Poetry Day today here is a video of Turtle class performing "I Have a Little Turtle" - many thanks for your support in learning this at home too!
Week beginning 5th October 2020:
Hello Turtles!
In literacy this week we will be finishing off "Here We Are" and thinking about our own advice that we would give for living on Planet Earth.  We will also be thinking about what we enjoyed about the book and writing a book review for anyone that hasn't read it yet.
In maths we will be looking at place value and ordering numbers from 0-20 accurately, as well as practising writing our numbers correctly.
In phonics we will be revising the ar, or, ur and ow sounds.
Week beginning 12th October 2020:
This week we will be beginning a new story in literacy and reading Croc and Bird.  This is another special book that each class in the school will be looking at!  We will be making predictions based upon the illustrations in the book and learning to use watercolour paints.
In maths we will be estimating and counting objects to 30, recognising domino and dice arrays to 6 without having to count and beginning to identify 1 more than a given number and looking at how we would write this as an addition number sentence.
In phonics we will be looking at the sounds ow, oi and ear and reading real and nonsense words containing our Phase 2 letter sounds.
We will also be thinking about the things that we love about being back at school and filming our ideas as part of a special project that the school are joining in!
Week beginning 19th October 2020:
This week in literacy we will be writing for a purpose and thinking about writing lists.  Why don't you help your adults at home by writing a shopping list?  We will also be writing in sentences about the things that we have done at school this term and learning to use the word because in our writing.  Could you write a sentence using because?  
In maths we will be learning to identify the pairs of numbers (number bonds) that make 5 and writing these as number sentences.  Here is a Powerpoint and activity for any children self isolating:
In phonics we will be continuing our Phase 3 revision before we move onto Phase 4 after Half Term and recapping the air, ure and er sounds.
We will also be continuing to think about Autumn and practising our "Autumn Leaves" song! I have linked the music here and the words are here for you!
Friday 23rd October 2020
As part of our whole school Connecting Classrooms project we have been thinking about what being back at school means to us and what we love about school.  Here is a video that we made!
Monday 2nd November 2020:

Hello Turtles!  I hope you had a good half term break.

This week in maths we will be continuing to look at number bonds to 5 and moving on to finding the pairs of numbers that make 10 and 20.

In literacy we will be reminding ourselves about the punctuation that we need in order to write sentences, such as capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and using story telling words in our writing such as first, next, after that and finally.



Monday 9th November 2020

This will be the last week that I update our class page with home learning ideas – from the week commencing 16th November we will be using Google Classroom which you will need to sign up for at home using link we have provided.

This week we will be learning all about Divali.  We will learn the story of Rama and Sita and how to retell it using actions.  I have linked the story here:

  There is also a shadow puppet version of the story here:

  If you are celebrating Divali at home I would love to see some photographs!  You can email them to me to show the class.

In phonics we will be revising our Phase 3 letter sounds, our common exception words and how to read and spell them.  Mrs Howe’s group will be looking at the sounds: j,v and w.  Miss Saunders’ group will be looking at ai, ee and igh.  Some of us will also be moving onto Phase 4 phonics and practising our reading skills.

In maths we will be learning how to double numbers and to add 1 and 2 more than numbers, writing this as a number sentence.


Below are some photographs of our learning so far in Year one!