GSO Test

Year 1: TURTLE CLASS 2023-24

Year 1 turtle team:  marta rodriguez -  Teacher                    

vien nguyen -  Teaching assistant

jessica jones - higher level teaching assistant

elisabeth harris - teaching assistant

evie ryan-smith - teaching assistant


Hello everyone!
Welcome to our class webpage.  .
Useful websites:
 Here is a link to the Phonics Play website for practising your letter sounds.  Some activities require a paid subscription but many are free.
   Currently, reading books are only being changed on a Monday.  There are free to access books available by clicking on the images.                                                            
    Cosmic Yoga is great for helping us to relax and practise our mindfulness!  Here is a link to their YouTube channel.
  I know you have been enjoying watching Newsround since joining Turtle Class so I have linked it on the BBC iPlayer here.
  Here is a link for you to watch Number Blocks at home.  We will be watching in class to help to consolidate our maths learning.
  Some of you have asked how to watch the Books Alive stories at home so I have linked their YouTube channel here!


Below are the letter sounds for Phase 2 and 3, the Year 1 Common Exception Words and examples of how to write in cursive letter formation.



We have been learning about our class animal - the turtle!  Can you tell an adult at home any of the things that we learnt about them?
One of the types of turtle that we learnt about was the Hawksbill turtle.  In the video below Andy from Cbeebies finds out even more about them!