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Parents, Teachers & Friends Association (PTFA)

Next Events:

Christmas Jumper donations - w/b 20th Nov

Christmas Disco - Friday 8th December Can you help the PTFA?

If you are interested in supporting the school as part of our PTFA please telephone or email the school and someone will get back to you! (Call the school on 020 8857 5637 or email  

If you are shopping please go via this link - it will raise money for the school!!

As a group we aim to;

  • Raise funds to pay for extra resources for the school and education of all pupils
  • Develop local community cohesion through our activities
  • Encourage and enable parents/carers to become more involved in school life
  • Link up with our school council to develop pupils’ skills and experiences in fundraising,  helping the school and local community

We are always looking for new members to help us raise money and to get involved in whatever way they can, to help make Baring an even better school.

  • Are you good at fundraising?
  • Are you really organised?
  • Are you creative?
  • Or sporty?
  • Do you love baking cakes?
  • Talking to people?
  • Do you love painting faces?
  • Do you work for a bank or other institution that could sponsor an event or match fund our fundraising activities?

How has the fundraising make a difference to children’s learning?

With the money raised we have been able to do many things to benefit our children.  If you have an idea of how you would like to spend the PTFA funds please complete the funding request form here

Some things we have purchased for the school are:

  • Play equipment for the playground – to make playtimes more fun
  • A commemorative bench
  • School display cabinet – to keep our trophies safe and on show
  • Playground benches and games
  • Laptops/i-pads