GSO Test


Each term the school runs a number of clubs.

These are a mixture of academic, creative and sporting clubs

The clubs are run by teachers and teaching assistants in the school, though some are run by outside tutors. Clubs usually run from the second week until the penultimate week of each term. Clubs take place in different areas of the school building and are at a range of times, before and after school and also at lunchtimes. Some clubs need to be paid for but there are a few that are run by volunteers that have no cost.

Club letters are sent out at the beginning of each term. Children and parents choose the clubs of their choice, fill in and return the sign up letter. Places are assigned and then a letter will be sent out, letting parents know if their children have been offered a place or have been put on the waiting list. Payment for clubs places need to be made at the beginning of term. However if you are struggling to pay all in one go you can arrange a payment plan with staff in the office.