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Our team

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Headteacher – Caroline Phillips
Additional Roles - Safeguarding and Child Protection; Music and Educational Visits Coordinator

Deputy Headteacher - Joanne Haine

Teaching Staff – full and part-time
Joanne Haine
Safeguarding, Child Protection, Curriculum/Student Teacher & Newly Qualified Teacher Mentor, Literacy Coordinator/Music

Marie Gray - Year 6 teacher (Tiger Class)
Additional roles – PSHE&C (Personal Social and Health Education & Citizenship); Maths Team

Nicola Laverty – Nursery Class teacher (Butterfly Class) Monday - Wednesday Additional Role: EYFS

Sandra Escayg - Y5 Class teacher (Porpoise class)
Additional Role - Science/Design Technology

Natalie Graham  - Inclusion Manager, Special Educational Needs (SEN) Year 5 teacher (Porpoise Class)  Additional Role  – Art

Sarah Dainton - Year 3 teacher (Elephant Class)
Additional role  – Humanities team: RE (Religious Education), Geography and History

Danny Hollis Reception class teacher (Polar Bear Class)
Additional role  – PE (Physical Education); International Schools; Sustainable Development Goals

Kimberley Saunders - Year 2 Class teacher (Giraffe Class)
Additional role - Humanities team: History, Geography and Religious Education (RE)

Shirley Patterson – Nursery teacher (Butterfly Class) Thursday - Friday; Maths; Numbers Count; Numeracy support, Music

Melissa Lewis - Year 4 Class teacher (Rhino Class)  Additional Role - Computing

Marta Rodrigues - Year 1 Class teacher (Turtle Class) Additional role - Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)


Helen Ness – Environmental learning 

Lucy Abakah - Nursery Nurse

Teaching Assistants/SEN Assistants
Anne Achour
Becky Brand
Jessica Jones
Rolna Kennedy
Terri Lewis
Jekaterina Martysova
Georgina McCue
Leigh Norton 
Vien Nguyen
Elisabeth Harris
Serena Kemp
Evie Ryan-Smith

Audrey Pitter - Counsellor
Kate Jewitt - Speech and Language Therapist

Visiting Instructors
Valerie Catley – Clarinet and Flute  
Sam Djavit – Hockey
Luke House - Tennis

Meals Supervision
Geraldine Henderson, Kay Ranson, Diane Howe, Elisabeth Harris, Evie Ryan-Smith, Anne Achour, Georgina McCue and one member of the Senior Leadership Team

Administration and Premises
School Business Manager: Judi Standing
Admin Assistant:  Lorraine Clarke
Premises Officer: Alfred John

Premises: Blair Santino, Randric Gabbidon
ICT Technician: David Allen
Finance: Lyndsay Copeland (Thursdays)

EWO: Julie