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Nursery: Butterfly Class

Nursery Team: Teacher - Shirley patterson        Teaching assistant: Elisabeth Harris.

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Welcome to Butterfly Class, the Nursery Class at Baring Primary School. Come and find out more about us!


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Book a visit with us by giving us a ring on 0208 857 563 or email us at


About Baring School Nursery

Our nursery environment is designed to inspire child-led learning, creativity and problem solving. Our qualified teacher and teaching assistants have an in depth understanding of early years development and know how to support your child to take their next steps. Children have access to indoor and outdoor play throughout our sessions, and we also use the forest school area in Northbrook Park to further enhance our outdoor learning offer.


Qualified teaching staff

Our teachers and teaching assistants create an inspiring environment in which children play and learn, offering a friendly and nurturing space for them to develop and be themselves.


Child-led play and learning                     

Child-led learning nurtures confident, motivated children. Our child-led approach allows children to initiate and direct their own discoveries and have lots of fun along the way.


Free flow indoor-outdoor play

The nursery has a large outdoor space which children can move in and out of as they please. This means that outdoor play is not limited to short break times, but available throughout the day.


Forest School

We visit the local forest school as part of our curriculum. This offers opportunities for holistic growth, exploration and supported risk taking. It develops confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting.


Sensory play

From squishing play dough to shaking blossom from the tree, your child will be surrounded with opportunities for sensory play. We design activities to stimulate all of the senses, including movement and balance. Sensory play helps children with language development, and can also help them to find ways to soothe themselves and interact with the world.


Screen free

Children have uninterrupted opportunities to play and be present in the moment during Nursery sessions.  Our emphasis is on communication and language development and developing the social and emotional skills that children need in order to build good relationships.


An inspiring environment

Different zones in the nursery offer inspiration for play, including: the treehouse corner with upstairs and downstairs; the book corner; the play kitchen; gardening areas; sand and water tables; and an accessible painting area so that children can independently choose to paint.


Multilingual exposure

The children, parents and teachers at Baring Primary School are from many different cultures and speak over 40 different languages. Research shows that even minimal exposure to multiple languages enhances communication skills in infancy.


Field trips and excursions

We like to take the children on trips to places like Mudchute Farm, St James’ Park, Royal Naval College, Greenwich. This gives children the excitement of exploring new places, and stimulates language development,  learning and socialising outside their normal setting.



Mornings: Our current hours are 9am - 12noon, gates open at 8:45.

Afternoons: We are currently registering interest to see if parents would like afternoons as well as mornings from January 2025. Please register your interest by following this link:


Contact us or book a visit:

Telephone: 0208 857 563