GSO Test

Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to all the high scoring competition finalists from the earlier heats who showed their excellent spelling skills in our final on the last day of the Spring Term. Great efforts were put in to learning the difficult spellings as homework during the weeks preceding the final. A special mention to Timi in Panda Class who achieved the highest score on the final day.

Class winners and high scorers are as follows:

Turtles: Isaiah, Kya, Malakai

Owls: Zainab, Zachary, Michel, Evan, Alexander, Maya, Dylnne, Aleksij, Inaya, Olivia

Elephants: Ashvini, Xing, Tolu, Amira

Rhinos: Joshua, Ehiavbi, Mehmet Ali, Erin, Seyi

Parrots: Daba, Abisha, James, Serina

Pandas: Timi, Racheal, Manoja, Shaquela, Celise, Milton, Jia, Alex

Tigers: Sathana, Isabelle, Osagie, Alfie, Robyn, Daniel

The words for each year group are on our is not too late to learn to spell them! Start learning now to be ready for next year's competition! Why not test the adults in your family too?