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Baring Girls' win the cup!!

Baring Boys' Football Team
"We got out of school and went on the 261 bus and then we walked a little way from Knights Academy through some woods to some rugby and football pitches.  The team was 6 players and 1 goalkeeper from Years 5 and 6 - in goal Josh Y5, defence Emirhan Y5, midfield Michael J Y6 and Rishie Y6, on the left wing Carlii Y5, right wing Michael D Y6, centre forward was Charlie Y5 and Jake was stirker.

First  match we won 3 - 0, I scored 1; second match we lost 2 - 1 Micahel J scored for us - when Michael J scored I set up the goal by skilling them up by doing a 360 and then running down the wong and crossing it to Michael J, and the third match, the last match I scored 2 goals that made it 2 - 2.  Last of all I was captain of the team.  Alfred, Ms. Cooper were Manager, Gerladine came and Leoni and Leone's Mum came.  We lost, but at least the girls won - HURRAH!!"

Report by Jake Year 6, Baring Boys' Football Team Capatin

Baring Girls' Football Team
"We arrived at 1 o'clock, we played John Ball first, I scored the first goal and then I got a hat trick and then Leoni scored 1 goal that got us to 4 - 0.  then we played Good Shepherd and then I scored 1, Leone scored one and then Leoni scored 1, that made it 3 - 0 and we won that game.  All the matches were 8 minutes with no half time.  Then we played John Ball again and we scored 3 goals and then we played Good Shepherd again and that was 3 goals again.  then we watched good Shepherd and John Ball play each other but John Ball won so we played them again.  I scored the 1st goal then it was an own goal by their player so it was 2 - 0 to us.  We got a little trophy and T shirts and went back to school and we showed Ms. Brewer!!

Team Captain Emily Y6 striker, Left wing Leoni Y5 and right wing Leone Y5, defence T'yanna Y5, Shannon defender, Zoe Y5 midfield and defence, Tyla Y5 sub, Lilian Y6 goalkeeper"

Report by Emily Y6, Baring Girls' Football Team Captain