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October is Walking to School Month

Walk to School Month

October is National Walk to School Month.

We will be running competitions and activities.  Baring School would like to encourage as many parents and children as possible to walk to school.

Walking Wednesdays

We are therefore asking that children try to walk all or some of the way to school. The number of children walking to school in each class will be displayed on the notice board. The class with the most children walking on Wednesdays will be rewarded with one of the following:

A Walk to Northbrook Park for fun and games!

Extra cycle and scooter fun in playground!

Extra play!

It's not only about walking
During Walk to School Month we are encouraging children to consider their environment as they walk to school, the park, the shops and wherever they may be going
Here are some things we are doing at school:

We are recycling yoghurt pots from packed lunches.

 We are composting fruit from morning snacks.  
We are considering what happens to fish - our fish is Nemo. We are seeing what happens to Nemo's home if rubbish is thrown into his water. We will be watching as Nemo's home is filled up with more rubbish each day.    
"Oh No! Poor Nemo. What has happened to his home?"
"Nemo needs our help. Any ideas?"
Where is Nemo?  

The children took part in an assembly about recycling and watched this video