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Glendale Lewisham Junior Girls Knockout Cup

Brianna and Maia's Football Speech

We are the Champions

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Brianna "I made my way to the Heath on a Saturday morning.  I was unsure if we were going to win the cup final!"

Maia "Until Edmund Waller our opponents came and were ready to play . Edmund Waller started kick off and were playing well in the first half and we scored just before the whistle blew!"

Brianna "I made my way to the ball as Maia crossed the ball to me,  I ran down the side of the pitch as fast as I could and tried to catch up with the ball so it would not have been Edmund Wallers' throw on.  I crossed the ball in and Maia tapped in the GOAL, we scored!!!"

Maia "As soon as we scored the second goal we were nearly certain that we were going to win so the goals kept coming 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 then 6-0.  The match had to finish early because it was certain that we were going to win."

Brianna "Straight after the whistle blew everyone wanted to take photos of us with the cup.  So we did some single photos.  The people wanted to take photos of the Champtions of Lewisham - even the other team!"

Thank you for all your support Brianna and Maia, 5th June 2013

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Glendale Cup

Judi Standing, Mr. Brewer and Alfred John with the Cup