GSO Test

Baring Gets Ready for Hour of Code

During the week beginning 7th December, all children will be taking part in the 'Hour of Code'. Watch this video to find out what the Hour of Code is any why Coding is important!

The children will be using some of the following resources.

Learn to program droids
and create your own
Star Wars game
(ages 6-106)

Use code to join Anna
and Elsa as they enjoy the
beatuy of ice (ages 8-108)

Use Play Lab to create 
a story or game using 

Disney Infinity characters

(ages 6-14)

Learn to code with
Mark Zuckerburg and
Angry Birds (ages 6-106)


Draw cool pictures with

The Artist (ages 8-108)

Defeat ogres to learn
Python or JavaScript in
this epic programming
game! (ages 11-111)

Program Light Bot to

light up all the squares/

(age 5-13)

Learn the basics
of Java Script while 
creating fun drawings.
(ages 9-109)

Use blocks of code to 
Steve or Alex through
this Minecraft world (ages

Make your own game
Flappy Bird, Shark or
Submarine (age 6-106)

Create a story or a game 
with Play Lab (age 5-14)

My Robotic Friends -
Learn about symbols
and actions away from
the computer! (all ages)