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Baring Dads' Group

Baring Dads' are looking to recruit new members!

What's the Dads' Group About?

We are a small group of dads (*including stepdads, uncles, grandfathers, male carers etc.) in order to look at how we can, as males, impact on our sons’ and daughters’ life skills and education more.  We are looking to recruit new members who are willing to meet regularly and engage in discussions and activities. Our aims/intentions/ambitions are:

  • Make dads' more aware of their importance in their children’s education and overall wellbeing;
  • Utilise skills that may be unique to this parent group in order to enrich, and impact positively on our   children’s lives;
  • Share what we do as a school and bring dads into this whole process from the start;
  • Establish a support network.
  • Have fun.

Please contact us at:; via the office or Teresa Cooper in school.   Please  join our Facebook group here.