GSO Test

2018 Visit to the Mayor of Lewisham compiled by Mariella (Yr 6)

Dennis: "I liked sitting in the Mayor's chair and meeting him."

Ishan: "I liked when we sat in the chair and on the stage."

Olivia: "I liked going inside the Mayor's office and when I got to speak to the Mayor."

Melike: "I liked looking at the badge and when 2 people from our school went and said what they would change if they were the Young Mayor."

Oliver: "I enjoyed the experience of going to visit the Mayor, saying my name and telling him about myself."

Mariella: "I really enjoyed when I was sitting in the Mayor's throne and telling the other schools what I would improve if I was the Young Mayor which Olivia did as well. I really enjoyed meeting the Mayor and telling him about myself and my school."