GSO Test

Staying safe on line 

Some things you can do to make sure you are safe on line.  If you are worried talk to your Mum and Dad and in school to your teachers. Your parents can find out more on the Safer Internet Day website 

Videos to watch (for Key stage 2 children)
The Adventures of Kara Winston
& the SMART Crew
Chapter 1
What should you accept?
Chapter 2
What is acceptable?
Chapter 3
What should keep you safe
Chapter 4
Who should you tell
Chapter 5
Be careful when meeting up

Think you know the Internet?
Polar Bears, Turtles and Owls click here
Elephants, Rhinos, Leopard, Porpoise and Tigers click here

You can also access Us Online
Use 'Me on Line' if you are in Polar Bear, Turtle, or Owl class. 
and use  'Our On Line World' if you are in Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Porpoise or Tiger Class.

(You will need your USO user name and password to log in at home - the same one as Purple Mash - see your teacher if you don't know it).


Fed up wasting time doing Internet searches?
Try using the advanced search within Google, if you type in the exact words you are looking for it will give you fewer pages to scroll through! Try this link, to find it yourself on the google page scroll down to find the 'settings' and then choose advanced search.