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Family Learning Mathematics - Y4

This webpage shows the type of activities that took place during a Y4 Mathematics Family Learning session that ran for 3 weeks

Week 3: Fractions: Fractions and decimals

                 Equivalent fractions

                 How to add fractions

                 Converting base 10 fractions  


Week 2: Multiplication: Short multiplication using partitioning

                       Long multiplication using grid or partition method

                       Times tables tricks using your hands

 Division: Long division using chunking method

               Super short cut division method.


Week 1

Here's a link to the models and images chart 

Youcubed Inspirational Maths This site has a lot of information on the newest thinking on maths learning.

This tasks page has lots of activities- the ones marked 'Low Floor High Ceiling' are easy to understand, but hard to master. The 'dots' activity I drew out was Day 2 under the 'Week of iMath' tab. You will need to register to access this, but I really like it, as it can be used with most children, allowing them to spot patterns in the numbers.

Addition: Using the number line for addition with ages 8-9

               Using 'base 10' equipment for addition with ages 8-9

               Using partitioning for addition with ages 8-9

Subtraction: Counting back using a number line

                    Counting on using a number


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