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Art and Design

At Baring we believe Art is the expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings through sensory
experience in a variety of 2 and 3 dimensional media. Art is also concerned with the
development of visual literacy, which will lead to an understanding and appreciation of art
from a variety of culture, styles and periods through time. All children will be taught the
skills, knowledge and understanding of art as outlined in the programmes of study in the
National Curriculum. Art is very important and enhances our total environment.
Our aim is to see that children develop and progress their knowledge, understanding and
skills in art in an environment that actively encourages and values their achievements.

We've taken part in the 'Take One Picture' run by the National Gallery for the past two years. We've been lucky enough to have had our work chosen for their video, and this year we're looking forward to seeing our work on display in the gallery itself.

See below for our response to the picture chosen for 2014.


The National Curriculum for Art and Design

The National Curriculum Strands by Year Group can be seen in this document and you can also view the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Art and Design here

 Please click here for the progression of skills documents.