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Year 5: Porpoise Class

Year 5 Team 2019/20: Marie Gray, Teacher; Anne Achour AND JAKATERINA MARTYSOVA TEACHING Assistants

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Class letter

Hi Porpoises, 

I hope you are all keeping well and being helpful to your parents.

Remember to read a book for 20 minutes, learn your times tables and exercise every day.

I know you are all creative so use your imagination to make a model, paint or draw, design a new item of clothing or learn to cook something new.

Have some fun and play a game or do a puzzle.

Here is a useful link to the Abacus home-learning website:

 Tuesday 24th March 2020    XXIV/III/MMXX  

      Hi Porpoises , I hope you are all okay and making the best of this situation we all find ourselves in.

       If you have any concerns or worries about keeping up with the work please email me at Your parents can obviously email me too !! I will check my emails every every day. I am happy to hear from you all. It's very weird for me too!! Just remember everyone is in the same boat. You won't fall behind, or suddenly not be able to do things. Please don't worry!!

We are definitely going to be off for the next few weeks at least, so  PLEASE read every day and make sure you know your Times Tables to 12 off by heart !!! and do any of the activities I put in my first post. Dust off those games you haven't played in a while. I'm keeping a diary myself and think that is a really good idea for you all. Just 10-20 minutes a day (you know how much you can write) It will make an interesting read when this is all over.

I will try to put some activities and websites on here that may help you too. But don't stress if can't print things out (I don't have a printer at home either) Just do your best  .............and read!!

    Keep active and alert-

     Jumpstart Jonny

    Supermovers       Get all your family to join in these.!!


Have a go at the Abacus Maths games and don't forget Sumdog 

  For a reading comprehension - try this activity on First News  

  Hopefully that is enough for today - I will put something up regularly. 

Best wishes to you all and your families

Marie Gray



 Thursday 26th March 2020   XXVI/III/MMXX

Hi Everyone, 

 I hope you are all well and looking after each other. 

There is  some information and links to websites on the Parents' tab (under Home Learning) that you may want to check out. These are to do with Well Being and helping your child to understand more about what is happening with the Corona virus. Why not have a look?

Here's a couple of websites that might be useful to you. You probably already know about them, but just in case.

Keeping fit and healthy  - see the Joe Wicks daily PE Lesson - it's challenging!!  It's on his You Tube channel every morning at 9am. Give it a go!!

Also  why not try listening to a story from Audible.

  In class we watch Newsround everyday and write about an item in the show that we found interesting. Have a go at doing this on a regular basis. Just a paragraph to summarize the main points. 

  Another thing we do in class is the 24 Game. Try this 4 Numbers game to keep up your fast, mental skills honed.

  With extra time on our hands why not plan and cook a meal for everyone (with an adult's help of course). The BBC have some good kid's recipes for you to try. Send me some pictures of what you have made.

  Don't forget to keep reading and learn all your Times Tables off by heart too. 

  Best wishes to you all

Ms Gray


 Tuesday 31st March      XXXI/III/MMXX

Hi Everyone, 

     I hope you are all well and looking after each other. 

As you know we were reading 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurpgo in class just before we had to close. For those of you who were not there in the last week I have put some activities on here to do with being stranded on a desert island. (Those of you who were in already have lots of activities to do in the pack you took home.)

Desert Island

Another excellent website to help you with your maths is this 

Here's a message from Julia Hibberd. 

Dear choir and anybody else who loves to sing! I am missing our weekly choir sessions and thought that you might like to keep up with your singing. So here are some of our warm ups and the songs we are learning that are all on YouTube. Remember music makes us feel happy and relaxed so keep singing. Take care all of you. Julia 



  1. To stop the train

  1. Let's start to sing

  1. Do 're me (from sound of music)


 How far I'll go

 I wish I knew how

 There's a power in the music

 Don't forget to keep active and make the of the dry weather.

Best wishes to you all. Don't forget to email me if you have any questions 

 Marie Gray


Friday 3rd April 2020          III/IV/MMXX

Hi All, today would have been the last day of the Spring Term if we had still been in school.

I would have been wishing you all a lovely break from school and telling you to have a good rest and not to forget to ...... read, read, read!! Well I hope you are all still reading and looking after each other.

As this is your official holiday I will not be putting up any specific work for the next two weeks but invite you to join in the Whole School Project, which is about London. 

You can structure this project in anyway you please. In class we were looking at Maps and learning how to do a sketch map of the United Kingdom. Keep practising this. (Remember the picture of an old man kneeling?)

You really can look at any aspect of London or  the people that live in it for your project. Look at the rivers that run through it? How it is governed? Famous people that come from here? Sportsmen and women that live and compete here? Or what makes London special? Its museums, art galleries and parks? The mix of people that live here and where they have come from? Anything you like. 

You can present this in any way you please too. On paper, as a piece of artwork or in  a Powerpoint presentation. How about making up a song, poem or  a rap? 

If I find any useful websites I'll add them on here. Don't forget to check the Parents Tab and look under Home Learning for more ideas too. 

Look after yourselves. I will still be checking my emails every day so don't hesitate to email me.


Marie Gray








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