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School Council

Meet this year's School Council 

Year 6 - Karim, Maya B

Year 5 - Karim and Ayesha

Year 4 - Jason and Tara

Year 3 - Danilo and Ruby

Year 2 (Owls) - Jokubas and Annabel

Year 2 (Giraffes) - Luca and Rume

Year 1 - Taylor and Bea




School Council Report - June 2017

Barings' School Council

We have an active school council with two representatives from each class from year one to year six.

We hold regular meetings so that pupils can put forward their ideas and suggestions to improve our school, our community and our world. 

THANK-YOU to all parents who have previously supported our charities. Please sign up to the Friends of Baring Group if you have any time to spare! Your School Needs YOU!!!!

 2018 Visit to the Mayor of Lewisham compiled by Mariela (Yr 6)

Dennis: "I liked sitting in the Mayor's chair and meeting him."

Ishan: "I liked when we sat in the chair and on the stage."

Olivia: "I liked going inside the Mayor's office and when I got to speak to the Mayor."

Melike: "I liked looking at the badge and when 2 people from our school went and said what they would change if they were the Young Mayor."

Oliver: "I enjoyed the experience of going to visit the Mayor, saying my name and telling him about myself."

Mariela: "I really enjoyed when I was sitting in the Mayor's throne and telling the other schools what I would improve if I was the Young Mayor which Olivia did as well. I really enjoyed meeting the Mayor and telling him about myself and my school."