GSO Test

Reception: Polar Bear Class

Class team 2019/20 - Solange Augustin - Class Teachers, Serena Kemp and Elisabeth Harris - Teaching Assistants

Can you see what
the Polar Bears
are doing at
San Diego Zoo?




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Hello Polar Bears

I hope you have been enjoying your time at home and doing lots of learning. Did you notice that the clocks changed on Sunday? Maybe you can show your grown-ups how to tell the time to the hour on an analogue clock.

Remember to keep reading every day. I have uploaded 2 new books on Bug Club which you can access using your ActiveLearn login details.

Below is the  Alphablocks link for this week to practise your phonics. You can also use your sound mats and high frequency word lists.

 Ideas for the week

I have included a list below of how you can adapt part of our weekly timetable for learning at home.

Monday & Tuesday
At school we normally make playdough. Could you use your cooking skills to help your grown-ups do some cooking?

Today is the first day of a new month. Can you show your adults how to do a weather tally chart like we did in January? 

This is also our day for bikes and scooters then PE. Instead, try to think of other ideas for physical exercise. Below is the link to the new Boogie Beebies video for this week to get you started.


Friday theatre
Write a story with your grown-up and perform it with your family!


Message about singing

Dear choir and anybody else who loves to sing!

I am missing our weekly choir sessions and thought that you might like to keep up with your singing. So here are some of our warm ups and the songs we are learning that are all on YouTube. Remember  music makes us feel happy and relaxed so keep singing. Take care all of you. Julia.


1. To stop the train


2.Let's start to sing

3. Do 're me (from sound of music)





How far I'll go


I wish I knew how


There's a power in the music

 Learning Activities

Counting is great fun and there are lots of things we can count, starting with our fingers. Also practise on your 100 square or use dice to play maths games.


Using your imagination is also very important. Drawing pictures, junk modelling and cooking are great ways to learn.


Remember it is important to protect yourself online. Below is a link to the SMART rules of staying safe while enjoying the internet.

Get friends and family to join in a make puzzles and play some games.


 Here is a useful link to 

We are also changing into the season of spring. Have you noticed any of the signs of spring from this video?

Want to know more about the teaching of numeracy? These videos are for parents to see some of the things that we do in class.  You will need your child's log in details to view these videos

Here's a link to the Oxford Owl website, which is full of FREE e-books for you to read at home.

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