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Baring Primary School

Baring Primary School

Baring Primary School
Linchmere Road
London SE12 0NB
Tel: 020 8857 5637

The exciting curriculum ensures pupils experience a wide range of subjects.
Ofsted December 2014

Teachers give individual attention to children's needs.
Baring Parent

My daughter has had a brilliant year at school!
Baring Parent

My daughter has so much fun and grows in confidence.
Baring Parent

The learning's not boring, it's interactive.
Year 6 Pupil

Parents are delighted with what the school provides for them and their children.
Ofsted December 2014

I like art. We get the chance to be very creative
Year 5 Pupil

When you're hurt, someone will always help you.
Year 2 Pupil

If you don't know something, you can always learn it here.
Year 4 Pupil

The curriculum puts the needs and interests of the children at its heart
Ofsted December 2014

Pupils talk about their school with pride, they describe it as part of their family.
Ofsted December 2014

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Illness and first aid


School staff will administer certain medicines if a “request to administer form” has been completed and signed by the parent with parental responsibility.

Asthma and Epi pens

Teachers will take charge of Asthma pumps but children are expected to be responsible for administering the pump themselves. If your child has any allergies, please inform the school office. There are several designated Epi-pen trained staff.

Where children have severe allergies the class is made aware of this to prevent the child from suffering an allergic reaction, for example sharing chocolate with a child who is allergic to dairy products.

As we have children who are severely allergic to nuts, nuts and nut products are banned from packed lunches.

Sickness and Diarrhoea

If your child has suffered from vomiting or diarrhoea, the advice from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) is that children should remain at home for 48 hours following their last bout of illness. This is to prevent infection spreading, such as the Norovirus.

Minor Injuries

The school has several qualified First Aiders who are on duty throughout the day, there are also a number of qualified Paediatric First Aiders. All bumped heads are reported to parents or carers at the time of incident as a matter of course. 

Should your child become ill at school they will be cared for until you are able to collect them. It is important that all contact details for you including those people you have asked to collect your children are always kept up to date with the school office.

Severe Injuries

On the very rare occasion that an injury is severe an ambulance will always be called and the parents informed immediately. If the parent has not arrived by the time at the ambulance leaves then a Senior member of staff will always accompany the child in the ambulance and stay with them until their parents arrive.

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