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Baring Primary School

Baring Primary School

Baring Primary School
Linchmere Road
London SE12 0NB
Tel: 020 8857 5637

The exciting curriculum ensures pupils experience a wide range of subjects.
Ofsted December 2014

Teachers give individual attention to children's needs.
Baring Parent

My daughter has had a brilliant year at school!
Baring Parent

My daughter has so much fun and grows in confidence.
Baring Parent

The learning's not boring, it's interactive.
Year 6 Pupil

Parents are delighted with what the school provides for them and their children.
Ofsted December 2014

I like art. We get the chance to be very creative
Year 5 Pupil

When you're hurt, someone will always help you.
Year 2 Pupil

If you don't know something, you can always learn it here.
Year 4 Pupil

The curriculum puts the needs and interests of the children at its heart
Ofsted December 2014

Pupils talk about their school with pride, they describe it as part of their family.
Ofsted December 2014

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The Baring Governors

School governors are all volunteers who work with the senior leadership team to support the children, their learning experience and achievement. In doing this they support and at the same time act as independent “critical friends” and question and challenge ideas put forward by the head or leadership team, and so provide a ‘sounding board’ for the Head and the school as a whole. 

There are three types of governors – parent governors, who are elected by the parents; local authority governors who are provided via the local authority, and community governors who represent the local community. Each governor brings a unique set of skills and life and work experience to the governing body. They are able to use those skills be it in health & safety, finance or being able to work on specific projects, whether it be checking through all school policies, or an IT project, such as the new web-site. 

All governors are linked to a class and follow those children on their journey through the school. They also join a committee, or small group to look at key aspects of their work; for example learning & achievement, finance & personnel or health, safety and premises. They make visits to their link classes, attend events and make reports on a regular basis to show that they are seeing the school in action.

When OFSTED visits the school they are part of the inspection process and are questioned by the inspectors appointed. At Baring they meet twice a term as a full body and then meet in their committees/groups, too, feeding their work and findings into the full meetings. Governors also have training to keep up to date and expand or consolidate their skills, be it individually or in group sessions, sometimes run with the teaching staff.

The structure of the Governing Body of Baring Primary School

Reconstituted 16th March 2015
Total Member Places 12
Headteacher 1
Staff 1
Appointed by the London
Borough of Lewisham
Elected by parents of pupils
attending the school
Co-options 5
Chair of the Governing body

Kristian Hibberd

Committee Structure

Finance and Personnel (including Pay and Premises) (F & P)
Committee Chair: Annabel Walker

Learning & Achievement (L & A)
Committee Chair: Kristian Hibberd

Pupil Discipline / Staff Grievance / Staff Discipline / Staff Discipline Appeal / Pay Appeal / Complaints Panels
These meet as and when required, with a minimum of three eligible governors, who are selected from a poll of all members of the Management Committee in alphabetical rotation, subject to availability and lack of conflict of interest and having regard to the need for a committee to be balanced in terms of gender and race as far as possible.

Clerk to the Management Committee
Mike Garrick , Governors Services  3rd Floor Laurence House 1 Catford Road , London SE6 4RU

More information about the Baring Governors and their names here