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Baring Primary School

Baring Primary School

Baring Primary School
Linchmere Road
London SE12 0NB
Tel: 020 8857 5637

The exciting curriculum ensures pupils experience a wide range of subjects.
Ofsted December 2014

Teachers give individual attention to children's needs.
Baring Parent

My daughter has had a brilliant year at school!
Baring Parent

My daughter has so much fun and grows in confidence.
Baring Parent

The learning's not boring, it's interactive.
Year 6 Pupil

Parents are delighted with what the school provides for them and their children.
Ofsted December 2014

I like art. We get the chance to be very creative
Year 5 Pupil

When you're hurt, someone will always help you.
Year 2 Pupil

If you don't know something, you can always learn it here.
Year 4 Pupil

The curriculum puts the needs and interests of the children at its heart
Ofsted December 2014

Pupils talk about their school with pride, they describe it as part of their family.
Ofsted December 2014

Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School Life at Baring Primary School


Forest School Penguins (3 images)

The best pics from Penguins in Forest School 2018

2017/2018 Councillors (7 images)

Our new school council team for 2017/2018

Penguins in the Snow (26 images)

Horniman Visit (63 images)

We visited the Horniman Museum on February 1st to learn about puppets and explore the museum.

The Horniman Museum (43 images)

Winter in Northbrook Park (35 images)

Butterfly Class trip to Northbrook Park to look at seasonal changes.

Clay Turtles (44 images)

We have made turtles out of clay. We moulded our turtle shape and left them to dry. Next we painted them white and then we painted our turtles green, brown and other colours. We added scutes with pen. Finally we glazed them with PVA glue.

Christmas jumpers (27 images)

We enjoyed wearing Christmas jumpers and raising money for charity.

Baring's Model Cities (44 images)

FOREST SCHOOL (16 images)

Autumn 2017

Making Elephants (12 images)

Child-initiated learning in Polar Bears (25 images)

Photographs of the children's independent learning

Jam making (26 images)

Imax Egypt Trip (5 images)

Kite Making (11 images)

Elephants trip to the Horniman Museum (9 images)

At the museum we put on special white gloves before handling the objects from Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Benin (32 images)

We visited the Horniman Museum to learn about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin

Learning in Year 5 (15 images)

2017 School Journey (123 images)

Body labelling activity (35 images)

We drew around each other and had a go at naming and labelling parts of the body.

Building fun (22 images)

We learnt how to use our team-work skills to build a big model using the wooden blocks.

Family Learning (58 images)

Photos of Families at Family learning

Our listening walk (15 images)

We went on a listening walk around the school to get ready for our phonics learning!

Greenwich PGCE (16 images)

Royal Festival Hall (4 images)

Penguins at the Park (52 images)

Penguins settling in (23 images)

Penguins open the Playground! (16 images)

Penguins were the first to open the playground today and had a ball!

Playground works (13 images)

Count on us (8 images)

Primary Maths Challenge

Year 1 trip to Joss Bay (73 images)

On June 29th Year 1 went to Joss Bay. We had lots of fun splashing in the sea, exploring the rock pools and building sandcastles.

Sports Day (11 images)

Some of the fun from our sports day at Northbrook Park.

Crofton Roman Villa (22 images)

Book Character Day (11 images)

In class we have read Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." We have based all our Literacy work on it and had fun today dressing up as one of the characters.

Turtle Class (and Paddington) visit the Tower of London. (65 images)

Turtle Class and Paddington went to the White Tower, saw the ravens and the Crown Jewels on our visit to the Tower of London. The ravens did not seem to like marmalade sandwiches!

Making Music at The Royal Albert Hall (18 images)

Year 3 took part in a music and maths workshop today at the Royal Albert Hall today. It helped us in our understanding of probability and fractions.

French Day (73 images)

We have been looking at the paintings of Claude Monet and trying to make our own in his style. On French Day we tasted Brie, croissants, French bread and jam. We had lots of fun decorating cakes and playing games in French.

Creekside Nov 2016 (18 images)

The Science Museum (17 images)

We learnt all about Forces at the Science Museum

Our trip to the Natural History Museum (15 images)

At the museum we met Dino Dan!

Clay Turtles (24 images)

We enjoyed making turtles out of clay. We made sure they had flippers, a tail and scutes on their shells.

Settling in to Year 1 (24 images)

We have all settled into Year 1. What a busy September!

Science in Panda Class (27 images)

We have been experimenting with materials, their properties and changes in state.

Our Owl masks (11 images)

We cut up paper to make our masks.

Class portrait gallery (29 images)

Our self portraits

Symmetrical name paintings (69 images)

The children experimented with printing and symmetry.

Y6 at Arethusa 2016 (48 images)

School Councillors 2016/2017 (1 images)

School Councillors 2016/2017

Creative Classrooms Performance (35 images)

July 7th 2016

Joss Bay 30th June 2016 (76 images)

Year 1 had a fabulous time at Joss Bay today. The weather was great and although we were attacked by the seagulls at lunchtime we had a swim, played on the sand, built sandcastles and went rock pooling.

Summer Fair 2016 (42 images)

Burnt Ash Pond Dipping (19 images)

Pond Dipping- Habitats 17th June

Creative Classrooms (25 images)

Creative Classrooms Yr 4 2016

Visit to the Mayor (2 images)

School Council representives visit the offices of the Mayor of Lewisham

The Great Fire of Baring (14 images)

The children in Owl Class built cardboard houses inspired by the buildings from 1666. Then they suggested that we set them on fire and had our own 'Great Fire of Baring'! Alfred and Mr Allen made a safe area for us after we had lined up our buildings, Alfred set them on fire!

British Museum Trip (16 images)

Our recent trip to the British Museum

Baking Bread (39 images)

The Polar Bears followed in the footsteps of the Little Red Hen and baked some bread rolls!

Collage! (23 images)

We made collage versions of the Little Red Hen!

Owl Class trip to St Paul's Cathedral (10 images)

We learnt about how the people tried to put the fire out. Some children dressed up as Thomas and his maid.

Science Week 2016 (29 images)

Tesco Farm to Fork (42 images)

The Reception children visited Tesco in Catford to learn about different healthy foods.

Book Week 2016 (62 images)

Thorgill the Viking Visits! (16 images)

A visit from Thorgill

Capacity (27 images)

Shape hunt (65 images)

The children went on a shape hunt around the school. What shapes did they find?

Gingerbread Men (11 images)

We made our own gingerbread men after learning the story!

Firepower Museum (67 images)

David and Unis (6 images)

As part of our senses topic we invited David and unis into our classroom. David went blind when he was a child. He told us how Unis, his guide dog, helps him every day.

Cooking Club (6 images)

National Skipping Day (45 images)

Check out Baring pupils skipping to be fit on National Skipping Day, 13th March

Rock Steady music session (15 images)

On 29th January, we set up our own band with Jamie!

Headteacher Award (25 images)

Arethusa 2015 (11 images)

Tiger Class enjoying their school journey.

Hour of Code (12 images)

In December we took part in 'Hour of Code'

Forest School (16 images)

Our Autumn visit to Forest School

Hockey (44 images)

We have been learning hockey skills with Sam. We have been learning how to dribble, pass and shoot.

Spring Term (18 images)

Some photos of our learning so far this term.

Hockey Tournament 2015 (4 images)

Baring end up 3rd in Lewisham. A great achievement!

Roots of Empathy (6 images)

This is our Roots of Empathy baby!

Christmas Assembly (40 images)

Butterfly Class using balance bikes (9 images)

We've been having great fun on our new balance bikes!

My Street 2 (25 images)

The Hour of Code (4 images)

Get Cycling Day (29 images)

Buddhism (20 images)

We visited a Buddhist Temple today and found out lots about the religion. At lunchtime we had fun in the park.

Gurkul Day 5 2015 (7 images)

Gurkul Day 4 2015 (13 images)

Gurkul Day 3 2015 (11 images)

Green Chain Project (12 images)

Years 3 and 4 are working with the 'Living Streets' organisation to promote walking and making the most of the Green Chain Walk.

Gurkul Day 2 2015 (13 images)

Gurkul Day 1 2015 (15 images)

We are photographers (Dumebi, Riley and Jada) (4 images)

Our computing unit is all about taking good photographs.

Ancient Egypt at the Horniman Museum (26 images)

Using artefacts to find out about life in Ancient Egypt and having fun in the Museum.

Summer Fair 2015 (80 images)

Big Toddle (9 images)

Making Fire! (7 images)

We focused the sun's infrared rays to heat up a tiny point and start our lint smoldering.. and smoking!

Y2 Dancing (20 images)

Joss Bay 2015 Part 3 (33 images)

Joss Bay 2015 Part2 (21 images)

Year One Joss Bay 2015 (25 images)

Our trip to Joss Bay

Tactile Tales - 6th May 2015 (78 images)

Some photos of our visit to the Royal Naval College and the Tactile Tales workshop.

The Tudors (23 images)

We visited the Golden Hind and Southwark Cathedral to find out more about Tudor Times.

Forest School 19th May 2015 (16 images)

Our last 'Forest School' this year!

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich (33 images)

May 11th 2015

The Maritime Museum (15 images)

Forest School 5th May 2015 (27 images)

Wet and windy day at Forest School. We still had fun!

Planting a sunflower seed (81 images)

This week we have been planting sunflower seeds - whose will grow the tallest?

National Maritime Museum. Against Captain's Orders (15 images)

We had a great adventure at the National Maritime Museum - Against Captain's Orders. We couldn't take photos inside but here are some of our day....can you see the deer?

Baking Bread (43 images)

We baked bread rolls and a loaf of bread just like the Little Red Hen!

Enabling Enterprise (6 images)

Using the Nexus Tablets (8 images)

We have been using the Nexus tablets in class to support our Literacy, Numeracy and Computing learning.

Science Club 20th April 2015 (11 images)

Solar airship.

Eclipse 2015 (9 images)

Eclipse 2015

Pandas in Space (30 images)

A set of photos from our trips to the Planetarium and Science Museum

Panda Class Learning (7 images)

Have a look at Panda Class learning in the classroom and outside.

Book Week Events 2015 (36 images)

Book Week (8 images)

Book Week pictures

Making sandwiches (27 images)

To help with writing good instructions we made sandwiches so we could remember the order things happened.

Cricket (13 images)

Our first few lessons of cricket.

Owl Class poems (16 images)

Owl Class made up their own poems based on the The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear.

Visit to Horton Kirby (40 images)

Year 2 visited Horton Kirby as part of our 'Contrasting Localities' Geography learning.

KS1 Christmas Show (20 images)

Creating self portraits in clay! (16 images)

Rhino Class have been looking in detail at their own faces. They have rolled, smoothed and moulded the clay. Next week they are adding Viking masks to their self portraits.

Woolly Hat Day (16 images)

Test (4 images)

Testing, testing...

Undercroft Construction (26 images)

A look at how the Undercroft works are progressing.

DT PE Bags (72 images)

Bromley Synagogue (43 images)

Panda Class went to visit the Jewish place of worship in Bromley, to learn more about their faith.

Girls' Football (100 images)

Cricket (6 images)

Environmental Curriculum Centre (31 images)


Emirates Cable Car Trip (17 images)

Year 6 had a lovely day on the Cable Car trip over the Thames and a visit to The Crystal.

Maths learning (25 images)

Using Geoboards in our numeracy

Science Learning (17 images)

Making parallel circuits in our science lesson

Tigers at work (25 images)

Y4 Whales Forest School (26 images)

Whale Class have been looking at habitats at Forest School.

Y1 Forest School (25 images)

What we get up to at Forest School

Polar Bear Listening Walk (20 images)

Some photos from our listening walk around the school!

Reading Shack (5 images)

Pictures of the Wonderful new Reading Shack

Dads' Reading Days (13 images)

Staff Gallery (43 images)

Staff Gallery

Got caught reading! (22 images)

Reading Buddy Corner (15 images)

Design and Technology Week (5 images)

The children in Polar Bear class have been designing and making their own bags for design and technology week.